The High Chaparral

Other Locations

Un-named town on the way to Rancho Montoya.  Unlike High Chaparral, this town does have chickens.
(1.02 "The Arrangement")

Border town on the way to the fiesta.
(4.94 "Fiesta")


Cantina on the road to Rancho Montoya.
(1.02 "The Arrangement")

Bar at the cantina
(1.02 "The Arrangement")

Cantina showing the balcony in back.
(1.02 "The Arrangement")

Mano on the balcony of the cantina.
(1.02 "The Arrangement")

Low-ceilinged cantina near Rancho Montoya
(1.09 "Young Blood")

Big Pond, one of the HC watering holes on the ranch.
(1.05 "Shadows on the Land")

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