The High Chaparral
John's Office

      The Office is an example of a truly impossible room.  As the photos below demonstrate, the office door and the master bedroom door would create spaces that collide with each other in mid-air.  Even without the bedroom door, the space from the office door to the stairwell does not allow enough room for what we see to the right of the door when we enter the office.  That wall includes a small chest or stand, John's desk, and even a tall cabinet beyond that.  The window opposite John's desk is also an impossibility since it would be looking into the kitchen, not the outdoors. 

       The office appears to also have a fireplace in the location of the master bedroom door.  In the fireplace department, altogether that makes two fireplaces and a large cook stove on the lower level, three fireplaces and a stove on the upper floor, outdoor grills next to the summer kitchen and the bunkhouse, and a fireplace and a stove in the bunkhouse.  That's a lot of wood for someone to be chopping.  They have very clean burning wood though because it gives off so little smoke that there doesn't seem to be a need for chimneys.

1. These two pictures show the office door and the master bedroom door 
from the front room, demonstrating how they conflict with each other
(3.80 "Too Many Chiefs")

2. You can see some sort of table to John's left before the desk.
(4.90 "Too Late the Epitaph")

3. Long view of John's desk
(4.83 "Only the Bad Come to Sonora")

4. Another fourth season view.
(4.82 "It Takes a Smart Man")

5. The cabinet next to John's desk on the same wall.
(4.90 "Too Late the Epitaph")

6. The window directly opposite John's desk that would look into the kitchen.
(4.83 "Only the Bad Come to Sonora")

7. The window opposite John's desk and the corner of the fireplace.
(4.83 "Only the Bad Come to Sonora")

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