The High Chaparral
The Kitchen

      The kitchen has a short wall that hides the view from the dining room.  Beyond that wall the kitchen appears to extend further towards the back of the house than the dining room to include shelves, preparation area, and a large cook stove with range hood. It also has to extend further back than the dining room or it would be inhabiting the same space as the office. The kitchen is large enough to have several tables in it, one by the short wall, one in the center of the room and a wash-up table in one corner. 

      Even though it is under the short upstairs, it appears to have soaring high ceilings with hanging ceiling lamps.  (Leif Erickson after all is 6' 4".)  There are only two episodes that I can think of where we spend any significant time in this room and they are the two shown below.  If you know of other episodes with good kitchen shots, let me know.

1. The kitchen with the dining room door to the right, the stove on the left 
and various pantry shelves and preparation space in between.
(3.74 "Journal of Death")

2. View from the dining room into the kitchen.
(3.74 " Journal of Death")

3. View of kitchen shelves and preparation 
area to the right of the stove.
3.58 Bad Day for a Bad Man

4. Ceiling-down shot in kitchen 
(3.74 " Journal of Death")

5. Looking down from high ceiling of the kitchen which was beneath the second
story bedrooms
(3.74 " Journal of Death")

6. Kitchen looking from table toward the 
dining room door.
(3.74 " Journal of Death")

7. Kitchen looking from dining room door
to the door out to the summer kitchen.
(3.74 " Journal of Death")

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