The High Chaparral
The hcdg

     In July 1998, a group of fans got together and organized a discussion list, affectionately dubbed the "hcdg."  It stands for the High Chaparral Discussion Group, and the intent is to share discussions on the episodes, cast members, the writing and production of the series, and many other interesting topics too numerous to mention.  They have been known to discuss all aspects of the Arizona Territory, Apaches, Old West, the Civil War, and they have even gotten onto tangents about other television Westerns they enjoy.  The main requirement is that no flames are allowed.  Since it is a G-rated list, no lewd or suggestive posts are allowed, either.  It is basically un-moderated, but it does have a host who sets and maintains the high standards.

      Over 300 fans from around the world are subscribed so if there is anything you want to know about The High Chaparral, chances are someone there will have the answer.  You will not receive SPAM, and you will not be allowed to send it, but you should enjoy the posts you receive.  You will have the option of receiving individual posts, a daily digest, or you can set your controls to just visit the archives to read the messages there.  If you think you'd like to become part of this group, please visit the following link and subscribe to this free service.  You can unsubscribe at any time. 

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