The High Chaparral

Characters at Their Best

"That one was so funny I's
like to bust a gusset ! "

Certain scenes and sometimes whole episodes were played mostly for fun.  Knowing our characters' more serious traits made the funny scenes that much funnier. Whether intentional or not, HC's humorous moments were always genuine, not slapstick, and usually added yet another dimension to the characters that made them even more endearing.  In this department auxiliary characters were important as well.  Just having Bart Kellogg or Perlita in the story should be enough to qualify it for this list of humorous episodes.

For What We Are  About to Receive Sam very seriously to John, "You know it sounds like we’re surrounded by turkeys."

Sam and John 
"For What We Are About To Receive"

The Reluctant Deputy Deputy Cannon foiled by his uncles in lock-up.

Blue, Buck, and Mano in 
"The Reluctant Deputy"

A Quiet Day in Tucson Blue's new boots make great poker game collateral.
Blue in "A Quiet Day in Tucson"
Champion of the Western World The great Perlita-in-Victoria's-hat scene.
Marie Gomez as Perlita
"Champion of the Western World"
Ebenezer Mano to Buck, "Never have I been so happy to see your ugly Gringo face.  How did you come - by turtle?"
Buck and Mano in "Ebenezer"
Stinky Flanagan Perlita falls for Flanagan to Mano's consternation.
Stinky Flanagan
North to Tucson  Victoria to Gringo bandit holding her hostage,  "That is very bad English."
Jack Elam as Macklin with Victoria
"North to Tucson"
The Lion Sleeps The Don's trickery bested by his children.
Victoria, Don Sebastian, and Mano
"The Lion Sleeps"
The Firing Wall DS to Mano, "Then you would be shot.  
And my life would be simpler."

Joe, Don Sebastian, and Mano
"The Firing Wall"
Tornado Frances Buck's sure-fire cough remedy.
Francis and Buck in "Tornado Francis"
Friends and Partners Buck (about his shirt):  It's new. Like it?
Mano:  I love it. But it looks just like the other one.

Mano in "Friends and Partners"
Bad Day for a Thirst The famous branding scene.  
Doctor From Dodge Pedro's dental anesthesia.
Pedro in "Doctor from Dodge"
Widow From Red Rock Mano to Melanie:  " Your hair!  It makes the light from the door superfluous!"
Mano and Melanie 
in "Widow from Red Rock"
Mi Casa, Su Casa Victoria:  " We'll all be massacred to death!"
Victoria, Don Sebastian, and Mano
"Mi Casa, Su Casa" 

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