The High Chaparral

Walter Fornero
Here is a more realistic style of painting by our friend, Walter Fornero, that differs quite a bit from his famous caricatures.  Let him know what you think of his two styles when you visit his website here or send him an email here.

Joe Butler, Reno, Sam Butler

      Billy Blue Cannon

Manolito Montoya                                                                          Sam Butler

John with Blue                                               Joe Butler

Walter Fornero

Argentine caricaturist, Walter Fornero, who is also a big fan of The High Chaparral will be creating an HC "Caricature or Portrait of the Month" for our enjoyment.  He has a talent for capturing the character and spirit of our favorite cast members and guest stars.  You can visit his website here to see more of his work or let him know what you think with an email here.

Reno                                                                    John Cannon

"El Lobo", played by Anthony Caruso

Buck Cannon

Billy "Blue" Cannon

Perlita                                         Manolito


            Wind                                                                         Reno

          Pedro                                                                 Don Sebastian Montoya

Joe Butler                                                     Sam Butler

       Vaquero                                                    Victoria Cannon

     John  Cannon                                               Buck Cannon

    Manolito Montoya                                          Billy "Blue" Cannon

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