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Bootleg Gold
by Dennis Whatiskiss

Big John rode up fast and came to a quick halt. He was covered in dust and his horse was well lathered. Obviously agitated, he dismounted as his wife, Victoria, ran from the ranch-house, followed by Vaquero. The other ranch hands began to mill around Big John and his horse.
 "My husband, you have returned safely." Victoria said, reaching out to  brush the dust from her husband's shirt, "I hope you found my father in good spirits and that he treated you well during your visit." 
Big John spoke with a determined and firm voice, "Don Sebastian treated me well alright, but I wouldn't say he was in good spirits.  He was hopping mad when he heard about what's been going on.  The good news is that Rancho Montoya will back us up on this.  And Chiopana is gathering the tribes.  They will all stand and fight with us."
Buck stepped forward . . ."Big John, I don't know about this copywrit, copyright, or copyrighten stuff but dang it John, they be our words and pictures they be takin'. They’s stealing from us sure as sure and . . . well, it just ain’t right, John."
“Besides that”, responded John, “it’s against the law now, even out here in the territories.”
Manolito, trying to overcome the lingering effects of a good time in Tucson, emerged from the house.  He had heard the word "legs" and was interested in seeing what female had caused such a commotion in the yard!! Not seeing any female, other than Victoria, Manolito took in the scene before him.  Words penetrated his brain . . . boot's legs? . . legs with boots?? . . Bootleggers!!! . . then a stream of obscenities flowed from his mouth in Spanish.
Victoria blushed and exclaimed "Manolo!".
The sounds of anger and disgust grew among the Bunkhouse men. Sam, angrier then Joe had ever seen him, asked Big John what he wanted them to do. John replied . . . "Pedro, take the Water tower. Reno, the roof. Vaquero, the main house. Ira, the front gate. Sam and Joe, ride the range and look high and low. The rest of you men, be on the lookout."  He wanted guards posted all around the house. The men agreed as they watched a lone hawk fly over the corral . . .
"Pa!", Blue Boy called . . . "Pa, I made up some wanted posters. 
I drew a picture of the head Bootlegger, Alfred E. Nimbus, aka 'El Pollo'.  I've got ‘em posted around Tucson and even sent some to the rurales in Sonora, Pa!" 
Big John looked with pride at his son. So often Blue Boy messed up somehow, but this time he hadn't failed his pa.  John felt his chest swell with pride!
He told his men and family that he had also sent word to Major David Retort of the 3rd Cavalry, from Fort Republic, that he needed his men pronto. Word had been sent to the famous Sheriff Andy Clydesdale and his special services deputy, Chuck Lehane. They were rounding up a posse from the Bar-HCDG Ranch north of Tucson to help catch this band of scummy, filthy bootleggers.
Together with the Cannon men, the Apaches, and the Montoyas, they would round up and wipe out this scourge of the West, the "BOOTLEGGERS", before they turned their dirty dealings into a world wide web of scoundrels.
Big John looked at those gathered around him. "I have a dream for this land . . . for this ranch . . . for the future . . . one day . . . one day, clear as an Arizona sky . . . there will be sold under the brand, 'THE HIGH CHAPARRAL', a new DVD with all that is good and true and wonderful on it."
"That will make us all proud. Until that time . . . we fight . . . we protect what is ours . . . what we worked and fought and died for . . . what is RIGHT!!"  


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