The High Chaparral
Character Descriptions

The characters of The High Chaparral were well developed.  All had traits - good and bad - which made them human, and audiences were able to empathize with their problems of survival in hostile territory.  Big John Cannon was the boss, and while he ruled his ranch with authority, he also had compassion, loyalty, and affection (however awkwardly expressed) for the people around him.  While his family and crew often grumbled about his gruff nature, they depended on his leadership to weather the elements and carve out a working cattle empire in the desert.  He didn't do it alone.  He was surrounded by good, dependable people, and a family pride and spirit that persevered through challenges and adversity. 

If you are following a particular character and want to know which episodes portrayed him or her in major or minor roles, see the Guide to Character Weight.  For examples of their best episodes, see Best Episodes.  For descriptions of character relationships, see, oddly enough, Character Relationships.

Ranch House
John, Buck, Blue, Victoria, Manolito
Annalee, Vaquero, Don Sebastian Montoya

Sam, Joe, Pedro, Reno, Ira, Wind

Supporting Characters
Don Domingo Montoya, Violeta, El Lobo, 
Pearlita Flores, Carlos Ramirez, Miguel,
Dan Brooks, Rodrigo, Bart Kellogg

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