The High Chaparral

The Bunkhouse

1. The Bunkhouse viewed from the main house.
An adobe building, the wavy lines are shadows.
(3.66 "The Little Thieves")

2. Front door of the Bunkhouse.
(4.92 "Forge of Hate")

       There was always some debate about how many ranch hands resided in the bunkhouse.  Sometimes it was reported to be as high as 30, although we usually only saw five or six at any one time.  There seemed to be enough bunks for 15-20 in what appeared to be two relatively square rooms in a rectangular building.  We often saw them washing up in the shaded area just outside the front door although actual bathing facilities were no where to be found.  Except at fiestas we rarely see them eat or have any indication who might cook for them although there is a grill just outside the porch cover which is seen in use during the fourth season.  

      Bunks were two high with board slats that supported a mattress if you were lucky, otherwise you could just sleep on the slats.  There was a round table suitable for games of poker and other pastimes in the center of at least one of the two rooms.  Mano, Buck, and Blue all slept in the bunkhouse from time to time, as the spirit moved them or whenever they were bumped from their rooms in the main house to make way for house guests. Foreman Sam Butler had an upper bunk, but otherwise never seemed to have any special accommodations in the bunk house.  The bunkhouse was to the left of the front gate on entering and almost directly faced the main house across the yard.  Like the main house, the bunkhouse had a fireplace and stove, but no visible chimney.  Interior bunkhouse shots were usually pretty tight but if you know of a good pan, let me know.

3. The Bunkhouse and yard as we first see it, before the porch shade is added.  This view from the pilot shows what might be a stove pipe in the front of the structure, but it wasn't consistently there.  On the left was a storeroom that we see again up close in "To Stand for Something More".
(1.01 "Destination Tucson")

4. A makeshift bunker on the roof 
of the bunkhouse.  
(4.88 "Sangre")

5. Cooking on the outdoor grill in the bunkhouse porch area.  The barn is in the background.  
(4.86 "A Man to Match the Land")

6. This common view of the bunkhouse interior shows a fireplace and small wood stove.
Most shots show a combination of double and single bunks and a rifle rack by the door.
(4.86 "A Man to Match the Land")

7. Poker game in the Bunkhouse.
(3.76 "Generation")

8. Appears to be the second room of Bunkhouse.
(4.89 "A Good Sound Profit")

9.  Standard Bunkhouse shot   
(4.89 "A Good Sound Profit")

10. A new table has appeared next to the stove.
(4.89 "A Good Sound Profit")

11. Side shot of bunks. 
Both Sam and Joe have upper bunks.
(2.52 "A Fella Named Kilroy")

12. Close-up of Sam's bunk.
(2.52 "A Fella Named Kilroy")

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