The High Chaparral

Characters at Their Best

Characters Behaving Badly

Even heroes have a cranky day once in a while.  HC characters each had episodes where their behavior was less than exemplary.  In these episodes they may have been short-tempered, irritable, self-absorbed, immature, or merely thoughtless, but they always redeemed themselves somehow and set things right by the end of the hour -- sometimes so much so that they are listed here both for behaving badly and in "Their Finest Hour" for performing heroically.


The Arrangement 
Ghost of Chaparral
To Stand for Something More

John chastising Blue for not immediately accepting his new wife.
"The Arrangement"

Buck The Brothers Cannon 
The Deceivers

Buck, considering an offer to throw in with the "Filibusteros"

Mano The Glory Soldiers 
The Arrangement
Bad Day for a Bad Man
A Good Sound Profit 
Only the Bad Come to Sonora

Mano being redeemed by Sister Ellie 
from his rebellious irresponsibility in 
"The Glory Soldiers"

Victoria Once on a Day in Spring

Victoria pouting on her way to Rancho Montoya after arguing with John in
"Once on a Day in Spring"

Blue The Arrangement 
Ghost of Chaparral
The Peacemaker
The Stallion

Blue being persuaded to follow Buck's direction in "The Arrangement"

Don Sebastian Young Blood
The Lion Sleeps 
Mi Casa, Su Casa

Don Sebastian's death
bed ruse is exposed in
"The Lion Sleeps"

Joe, Pedro To Stand for Something More

Joe and Pedro, being less than helpful when Blue is left in charge.
"To Stand for Something More"

Sam Does Sam ever behave badly?


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